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Wes Houston: Guestbook

Frank Doris

March 12, 2018

HI Wes, thanks again for having us on your show!

Rich Adams

March 1, 2017

Thinking of you jammed at our wedding 20 years ago.....Regards to everyone
Rich and Lynne

Matt Romagnuolo

February 19, 2017

Hello Wes,
I hope you're well.boy we had some good times..
I remember playing at your house in the 60's and 70's...
Also remember playing a gig at Van Buren used to record us on your old reel to reel....those were good times...sure went fast........

Louie Kaplan

May 2, 2014

I was just thinking about the old Bellerose "Crowd" and you popped into my head. Thought I'd look up your website. I really didn't know much about what you've accomplished when I left HS for the Navy.
I'm glad I knew you "When" and am very happy you've had, are having, a great life. You should be very proud of yourself.
All the best going forward. Lou K

michael christian

November 22, 2013

try to catch your show when I can. Did you know Paul Casio? He was from floral park and was my guitar teacher in 1957-1957.. thanks and good luck

Patty and Dianne

October 21, 2013

Hi Wes Its D Bennett and I am with my friend Patty. I tried to get her to see your facebook page but we were unable, just to let you know we tried, if you can find Patty and Trish on here but I can not be your friend because of work. :(

Tony Corleto

August 6, 2013

Hey Wes: nice to see you on the Internet! Saw you many times at the Right Track and the Half Crown, late 70's, early 80's. my bands Joe & the Guys and Apomattox used to play the same venues. If you're out on the south shore, look for 100 Proof, same lineup (minus me on keys, I'm up in CT now). Keep on!

bob pike

May 14, 2013

hi wes and george its me the guy with the 70's picture of you at the right track. would like to see you guy's play again any gig's anywhere? your friend Bob.

Ellen Lutzak

April 7, 2013

Out of the blue just was listening to some great music and it reminded me of u guys and some of the best live music ever performed by your really talented and smokin' band!! My brother Phil, my sister Linda & I saw u guys many times at Right Track , Arizona etc. I worked as a tv announcer at channel 21/WLIW and a dj at WBAU Adelphi. We knew Mike Nugent and Joey Piazza and we hung out with a group of friends that always travelled to see u and enjoy your music. Great times!! Wanted u to know and if u guys are still playing would love to see u!! All the best to u, Ellen


January 23, 2013

Really enjoy your show and what you do for musicians.
My husband is a really talented and published song writer. How do you go about getting on your show?
Thanks, Mary

Joey LoBue

October 7, 2012

Went to Art school with Geroge Christ back in 68. New York Phoenix School of Art & Design.

John Simonelli

May 11, 2012

Wes, Thanks so much for a great performance at RAA last night. You guys were a real treat. Hope to hear you again soon . John

The Legendary Danny O'Doul

January 14, 2012

Wes - I love your tv show and wish you performed more. As it stands - you perform about as much as I so!
You, my friend, are legendary!
And, I should really know.
The Legendary Danny O'Doul

Steven Reitkopf

January 2, 2012

Friend of "The King Of Wing" Bobby Hanlon..Met you several times at south of the border, and the swinging tea pot, etc..
Happy New Year!

Edward Kalbaugh

September 22, 2011

Looking forward to PJ 9/24


September 10, 2011

The Arizona, summer of 79, Tuesday nights I believe, Epic!!! Long live the All Star Space Band!

jd sumner

August 17, 2011

hey man love the tv show. remember you from the right track inn days.


August 14, 2011

The best summers ever at The Arizona Bar in Long Beach.I lives across the street and was there every time you played I'm talking about You,George,Mike Love and Joe Piazza. Thanks for the Rain Train memories!

Robert Romanelli

March 15, 2011

Hi Uncle Wes im going up state with my dad to woodstock to see the musium and where all the different bamds played in 1969.
P.S HI!=]

Laura J Bastone

October 1, 2010

Great band! Lots of fun and good times they don't miss a beat. Way to go to all the band members - especially Wes - whose writing is terrific and George who never misses a beat!

John Sparrow

October 1, 2010

Wes, you made it to my I-Pod....


September 22, 2010

saw your show the other day - good stuff


August 31, 2010

just wanted to drop in - awsome web site, great music, and many thanks regarding our convo today much appreciated

matt romagnuolo

July 20, 2010

Hello Wes,
I remember when you had the old 4 track recorder and we used to Jam in your basement.Hope to see you at Fuzzy's on July 25 ..bringing Phil Kenny and a bunch of the old crew .See you there

frank rocco

July 1, 2010

hey wes;
thanx for sending me those strings,cd and the new !!!!!(old) kalmazoo!!!! twenty three sckadew

Joe Grandwilliams

June 26, 2010

I think your television show is the best produced program on public access television. Your scope is wide enough that I've been turned on to some new artists and updated on some old friends.
You're doing a great job on focusing on the Island's talent. Thanks for your time and effort.

Warren Hummel

June 17, 2010

Hi Wes Just stopped by to
see what the Band was up to theseh days .It has been many years I,ve seen you.

Judith Zweiman

June 1, 2010

Hey Wes, caught the show this afternoon and you were the guest star! How fun is that! Great job!

Get yourself (& the show) a Facebook page - get the word out! :-) Judith

Joe LoBue

March 2, 2010

George Christ and I were classmates back in the day. 'NY Phoenix School Of Art & Design'

Douglas Baldwin

February 22, 2010

There are far too many memories to fit in this small space, and far too little space here to contain what the future will bring. Wes, you have always been a pioneer of original music and a supporter of great musicians. Your cable program continues ā€“ and expands upon ā€“ this legacy. Iā€™m always proud to tell anyone who will listen that, yes, I played in the Wes Houston Band back in the late 70s.

Bonnie Smith

February 6, 2010

Enjoying the DVDs. Easy listehing, nice music. talented musicians. Soothes the mind/nerves.


November 19, 2009

Poetry set to music. Wes started it all here on Long Island and he'll be at it long after the rest of us have faded away. I recall the days when I worked lighting at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, the Academy of Music and The Bottom Line Cabaret in NYC and rocketed at warp speed all the way to Chesters in East Setauket just to catch Wes's encores to a long night of great music. I'm happy to say that Wes hasn't changed one little bit in all these years. He's still got all of that sensitive soul, wit and charm but, in all fairness, he must have learned the charm part from Pat! Keep it up guys. Wes Houston is here to stay.